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STUFF by Ziggy

To give you a reference point, I am somewhere between a snake and a mongoose.

29 July 1985
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I made my own header, using my own photographs (including the dahlia).
animals: especially my own, anthropology, babies that aren't mine, being canadian, catherine tate, cats playing musical instruments, coffee, coffee snobbery, cuddling puppies and kitties, daaaaleks, david tennant's sexy, death cab for cutie, do i look bovvered?, doctor who, doing crossword puzzles, donna effing noble, drinking at pubs, dwight k. schrute, every law&order there is, fable 2, fallout 3, feist, firefly, getting fogclostcards, gofugyourself.com, going to school, halflife 2, hunting zombies, indie emo bitch rock, jack mothafuckin' bauer, jam (the office type), jazznblues, living in vancouver, looking at hot actors, making icons, mal reynold's ass, musical theatre, old skool comics, omg zelda yo, pajamas, pet society, postal service, race issues in africa, reading like mad, reading pr0n fanfic, red wine, rockband parties, snow patrol, starbucks and no other, stuff like unicorns, taking pics of things, ten/rose, teri hatcher's insanity, that's what she said, the office, the supremelyrad stephen fry, the x-files, thick-rimmed nerd glasses, video gaming, zombie preparedness